Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday, the 13th

I am sooooooo excited!!! Here's why:

First day that too!!!!

I'll have a review soon!

And for all ye non-PotterManiacs ( yeh know who yeh are, innit?), Silencio!!!

And if you still can't stuff it, then eat slugs!!


Of course the book is way better than the movie. Having said that I will admit that this movie was by far the best of the lot. Dark and definitely not kiddie stuff, the book really brought to life the fear of You Know Who being back. The movie was great fun to watch, the minor plot changes notwithstanding.

Imelda Staunton as Dolores Jane Umbridge was truly delightful and I cannot stop raving about Loony er Luna Lovegood. The other characters reprised their roles with the usual grace and I thought there was more Hermione than Ron. It helped that she looked really good throughout the movie.

The special effects and the background score were fantastic. My favourite parts of the movie were the last 30 minutes (Ministry scenes) and the DA meetings, in that order. The pace of the movie was maintained throughout, with not a single scene being excessive or wasteful.

Just one bone to pick though - I felt they didn't do the Weasley twins leaving Hogwarts scene enough justice. JKR's most likable creations were quite underutilized in the movie. All in all a really good movie to watch, and Pottermaniac that I am, I'll definitely watch it again.

One tip though - it would be a good idea to read the book before you go to watch the movie.


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cristin said...

Soon? Take your own sweet time.

'Smee! said...

Daniel Radcliffe spoils whatever is nice about movies based on books. DA meetings sound really great in the book - I'm sure they were better in the movie. But how the heck did you write this for rediff? I mean you just go there and post is it?


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