Thursday, November 03, 2005

All my bags are packed...

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.
I cannot belive that the time has finally arrived for me to leave. I remember thinking in june that I had ages left, and I was all ready to enjoy a much needed vacation. But good times never last and mine's just gotten over.
All these days I felt I was still a carefree college go-er, in my tattered jeans and a tee. And now its like saying goodbye to me and hello to a whole new person. All my junk gets left behind here. New formal clothes take up the bulk of space in my luggage. No more kolhapuri chappals and cloth bags: look out for formal heels and handbags (yuck!!).
But I would be lying if I said I wasnt looking forward to this. Its a new beginning, albeit with a few old faces, and a natural progression from the college years. I mean, isnt this why we go to college in the first place?
I am guessing its also an opportunity to shed the excess baggage, the kind of stuff one tends to accumulate over college. Friendship now takes on a whole new avatar. Its no more about hanging out at a coffee shop, talking inane stuff that matter to absolutely no one. Its now about keeping touch as different people go defferent ways. I guess its also the crossroad where some decide its time to leave while some decide its time to carry on being friends.
As for me, this is yet another stepping stone to get to the bigger picture- that distant goal which hopefully gets just a bit closer now. I am hoping for a good career here, of course, who wouldnt. I am hoping, more importantly, to acquire new knowledge that will help me long my journey. I am also hoping that I am a different, better person when i emerge from this phase.
Hopefully, i'll be able to chronicle it in my blog, time permitting.
On that note, this blogger goes into hibernation.


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