Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some faith!

Yesterday at work we had this really fun session called Onsite Readiness. It was, as the name suggests, an information sharing session for people who are likely to go onsite in the near future, by people who have spent many years in various countries. It was the best session I've been to in a long time. The two men who conducted it were very senior people, who have held a variety of responsibilities in the company over their careers, and have travelled to a variety of countries across the globe - some in personal capacity and some on work. The session was peppered with anecdotes from China, America, Spain... and even India!
It really got me thinking about the company is a positive light, and this is the first time since training that I've thought that way. It's no wonder that the company has such a good image in the world - their brand ambassadors - people like the ones who conducted that session - are seasoned professionals, well read, articulate, well travelled and most importantly, very grounded. It does not mean I like this place any better or that I actually want to go onsite or any of that sh*t. It just makes me realize that I work in a company that does have some decent people - even if I do not get to interact with them on an everyday basis. I still feel I need to get out to keep my sanity. But perhaps, someday I should like to return here. In some other capacity than the one I am in currently.


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