Friday, July 27, 2007

The End of a Phenomenon - Part1

Yeah that picture speaks more than words, doesn't it?
That is the sister and I, at 630 in the morning in Citi Center, right after we collected our copy of the last and final installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Ha, and we're not supposed to be morning-people!!
We were up at 445am on Saturday, the 21st of July, to get my sister her much awaited birthday present. We reached Citi Center at about 530am and were thankfully ahead in the queue so that we got to stand inside the complex. Five minutes later arrivals were not that lucky though, because by then the queue had grown long enough to spill onto the parking lot. It was a sight that we're so glad we didn't miss. We had people in the Hogwarts robes, walking around giving out pamphlets, containing crossword puzzles and word grids, all Harry Potter themed of course!
And finally the moment arrived, we were inside Landmark and suddenly I wasn't sleepy anymore. The whole store was decked up in Harry theme and there were racks of the book piled everywhere. It was a Pottermaniac's delight!
And then I signed for my copy and we were out, sent off on our way with cookies, coffee and that precious, most awaited littled package that I held in my hand, along with its free calender!
By the time the weekend was over, that book was devoured and the numbness that comes with the finality of something that you know will never ever happen again was threatening to take over. Oh well, I just let it, so it didn't need to threaten for too long!
More about the book in part 2.


Adi said...

read the entire series again from scratch :D..
I have already finished book 1 :D..

BTW JKR said that she will be releasing a proper harry potter encyclopedia :D.. That will be the icing on the cake :D

MechaniGal said...

Yeah man definitely I'm reading the whole thing again... lots of little things to be rediscovered... one of my pottermaniac friends was telling me that Dumbledore uses the put-outer to track Harry during Chamber of Secrets and maybe book 5 too.
I am waiting for that compendium thing, I read about that in an interview she gave with NBC.
Meanwhile I am collecting the whole series in orig copies plus movies :D

Adi said...

I have already put my review on nandini's comment page :D

'Smee! said...

You got a calendar too? :o


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