Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tragedy at CCD

When I was a trainee at Mysore, I had various ways of rewarding myself if I did well on the test for the week. More of an incentive than a reward, really. And sometimes if I did really badly, then I would reward myself again, this time more to cheer myself up!
My favourite reward was a slice of the deliciously sinful Chocolate Fantasy pastry from one of the Cafe Coffee Day outlets on campus. If you have no idea what that is, then I suggest you get your ass to the nearest CCD, as we fondly called it there, and sample it for yourself. Words simply cannot do it any justice. I tried googling for a picture, but I couldn't find one that quite conveyed what I wanted it to.
Since I got back from training I haven't had a chance to visit any of the CCDs here and much less the chance to sample a Choc Fantasy. So yesterday when I had to meet Adi, I decided CCD had to be the place. We settled down and since we share a lot in common, including our love for that little piece of heaven, we ordered a Choc Fantasy apiece - no discussion was needed on that one!
I was one spoonful into mine, when plop! went the whole thing on the floor! While I was busy chatting, I'd tilted the plate and all of that, minus one spoon that was in my mouth, fell - I wish I could say crashing down and make it sound all dramatic, but none of that happened - it just slipped gracefully down my trousers* and onto the floor. All this while Adi and I watched with a look of utter horror. This was sacrilege in some form for sure! Why this is especially tragic is because just as we feasted our eyes on the plate when the cakes arrived, I had remarked that I was supposed to be on a diet! Imagine Dobby (from the HP series), banging his head on the wall, trying to punish himself - that was me yesterday.
Oh well, that's forty bucks I'll never see again, and a diet I will be more careful to follow from now on!

* Update: The stain of chocolate on my trousers refuses to wash off, despite all that diligent scrubbing and although daag might be achhe , this one is anything but nice!
As though I need more painful reminders...


Mugdha said...

hey babes.... never mind...
u select how many... my treat!!

Adi said...

Sacrilege for sure..

The look on the waiter's (or is he a barista?) face was even more comical... He was simply stunned..

'Smee! said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! Tell me, honestly, did you, or did you not, for one moment at least, think of going down on your knees and licking up the "piece of heaven" off the floor?

Sukanya said...

I thought Tru, I thought so much... I even told Adi I wanted to... and he said I doubt if anyone's looking... but I'd just spotted a lizard on a wall some time back and well, I didnt want to eat off the floor... But trust me, that was a tough one :(

Arvind Saba said...

When I meet you next time I am putting treat for you in CCD.. Tufunately!!
Best thing to get the stain off ur pants.. Buy some more of the chocolate thing and smear it all over the pants and make it look uniform.

Sukanya said...

Thanks Saba, I seem to have stumbled upon a good idea to get CCD treats :D:D aint I smart or aint I smart!!!
and hello, I'd like them to remain as trousers and not turn into army fatigues!!!!


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