Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some good customer service

Last week, I was reading this article on the Freakonomics blog site about good customer service and how it can make your day and how it can be really really rare. ( Read that piece here)
My dad and I were discussing how that was sorely missing in the Indian service industry scene and we even brainstormed on a business plan involving that.
Well, something just happened yesterday that reaffirmed our faith in the service industry of this country. On our morning jaunt on the Besant Nagar beach yesterday, we had the engineers from Hyundai doing a free service camp for all Hyundai cars in the parking lot. Not only did they voluntarily give our Santro a check up, they also cleaned the windshield, mirrors, foot mats and tyres. Icing on the cake was when they got a guy from Amaron batteries to give our car battery a once-over! As though all of that was not enough, they kept bottles of mineral water for the walkers/joggers at the beach. As we drove off they pressed into Dad's hands a neatly wrapped gift package. (We opened it on the way home, it was a cute desk clock)
Needless to say, we were talking about it all day. No prizes for guessing that it really made our Sunday.
When the sister and I took a walk upto the organic veggies van, we saw that the Hyundai guys had also found themselves a spot on the otherwise pretty full parking lot. They had new variants for the Getz and Verna on display there.
Yesterday, Hyundai managed to make a lot of customers lifetime customers.


'Smee! said...

Oh yeah, don't we always love free stuff! I pledged a bag shop owner my loyalty yesterday when he gave me a radley tag! Also, when my cousin took back a damaged bag she'd bought at his shop, he told her to pick any other bag for the same price. No "Come next week ma'm, this will be repaired".

Sukanya said...

Sigh! Here at office I wait at the sandwhich store for ages before he can even acknowledge that he has seen me! Can you imagine that? Me with my size, and he acts as though I am invisible. In another context I would be flattered!!!


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