Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All for a Pod!!!

Brilliant weather here. I am, as expected, pooped up in an airconditioned building, with a false ceiling, fluorescent lights and the constant tik-tik of a thousand finger tips playing a tattoo on their DELLs for company!
Here's what I am doing, all for an iPod! Wasting precious cash to send 10 sms'es to some arbit number that promises to reward me with an iPod if I get 10 questions correct, on the occasion of World Music Day. Sigh!!
They'd better give me that pod...


cristin said...

Did you win? :)

Sukanya said...

Well I guess not, becoz I havent heard from them :(
To think I would have got over my iPod craze esp since I have owned 3 and lost 2 of them :(

'Smee! said...

Shouldn't you be getting 10 'answers' right? :P


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