Monday, November 05, 2007

Tring Tring – Silence!

Whatever happened to the regular telephone ring?
I cannot remember the last time I heard the trrrrrrrrrng!
I was not trying to make that rhyme.
I was just a little hard pressed for time.
So here I was on a regular Monday morning,
I had a test but instead I was yawning.
When suddenly out of the blue
A mobile phone rings, I don’t know who
Left it on full blast – it startled me
It was a popular rock song, it played on fully.
Other people poked their heads out
I also looked up to see what it was all about
Apparently the music was too loud, the volume high
But was it only because it was something they didn't like?
So later today when another phone rang
And the latest Tamil movie song it sang,
How come no one seemed to mind it?
It rubs me wrong; that’s an unfair bit!
If it’s English it’s too much noise,
If it’s Tamil, then it’s a beautiful voice?
Why do you want to be such a hypocrite?
Why can’t you instead keep your phone quiet?
Nine hours a day, with many a clickety click
Do we need more sound, even good music?
So please remember dear colleague or friend,
When you get to work, put that phone on silent!


Arvind Saba said...

Orey "Peta Rap" skills and all you have! :P
People put cellphone on "ring" mode 'cos "Cellphone adichha ring-u, Sivaji adiccha Sangu" range dialogs put by thalaivar!

'Smee! said...

So this did see the light of blog-day! Cos it deserved to.


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