Sunday, April 15, 2007

Once upon a Sunday evening on a hot day...

In case you ever wondered:

The most common Tamil boy name is Karthik in all the possible ways that it can be spelt.
The most common Tamil girl name is Vidya, with all possible prefixes and suffixes.
The most common profession among Tamilians is, well you guessed it, IT!
The most preferred place of stay/work for Tamilians is, of course, the US of A.
The most sold drink at a coffee shop is a capuccino.

In case you haven't realized it yet, I am bored.

On a completely different track, read this amazing article on the Washington Post, called Pearls Before Breakfast. It's a tad lengthy, but if you're really interested, you won't notice.

Another random thought - how can people NOT read books???? It' s what I spend a major part of my salary on... change that to read the second major part( first major part of my salary is spent on the weekend jaunts to Citi Center with the younger sister).

Oh, before I sign off, hat tip to Naveen for an afternoon well spent.


cristin said...
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cristin said...

1. No I did not wonder :P
2. Yes, I read it and it was a tad lengthy but very eye-opening and I think I'd stop and gawk if Joshua Bell ever performed at a railway station here.
3. So you do have a social life after all!

me! said...

Ha Ha Ha! Your sense of humour!! (You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!) I am looking for the Bell cd man, no one seems to have heard of him... must resort to unethical means, i'm afraid...
Social life?? Yeah we'll see about that!

Arvind Saba said...

I just read "this amazing article" and then felt happy.... Didn't bother clicking and all (After all u already warned us that it was long)
And some more commons in Tamizh Land...
Most common Dad's name - Subramanium
Most common degree - Engineering
Most common coffee - Degree Coffee
Most common sense - Absent :P

me! said...

What actually sparked off this train of thought was this: most blog titles have the word ramble, in various forms and agreements, in them :)

'Smee! said...

I take that as a personal insult. :|
And, if you were that bored, I think you'd be working out all the possible ways that 'Karthik' could be spelt. :P

'Smee! said...

Btw, I dint notice how long the Joshua Bell piece was :P
You should say more about it in your post instead of providing a random (yes, so what?) link and scaring people, telling them the article is long.

me! said...

Thanks Editor Mem sahib for the inputs... you're rite, I should have said more... someone i know told me they didnt bother with the link and that they just took my word for it. Poor Bell, lost another fan! Thanks Tru!

me! said...

Ohh that someone I know has posted that rite here :)

me! said...

I'm so reminded of cristin's comments on the me! thing!!!!!


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