Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Bombay Rockers - 7/11

I am not going to relate what happened yesterday. The pictures and details are in all the newspapers and all TV channels ( news channels at least, the Page 3 channels couldn't care less) and the next few issues in most major magazines will carry more details and findings on the blasts ( 8 of them) that rocked Mumbai yesterday evening. Some news channels claim it is the LeT that is responsible while one popular news channel claims that an LeT spokesperson called their office claiming no responsiblity for the attacks. It doesnt really matter, if u ask me. The people who have died are not going to return. Knowing who was responsible is not going alleviate the pain and grief for the victims' families . And even if the perpetrators were identified, they are going to remain scot free,until the world moves on, and until the next such attack, wherever it may occur.
When i decided to put up this post I thought i would put in just pictures and let them speak for themselves. But as I am typing this out in the safety and securityof my office I cannot help but think that the pictures are not going to say any more than what they are already screaming out to u from the front pages ofall news publications. I got to thinking of what could be the motive of a person so demented, that he would actually perpetrate a crime so ghastly. What would be the results he was hoping to achieve by this gruesome feat? His actions are made worse by the timing of the blasts - a time, the perpetrator knew , when the suburbans trains would be packed with office goers returning after a day of work.
For once words fail me and I can only think of the sad truth that war and bloodshed is going to get us nowhere. Mumbai will move on, just as Srinagar will, just as New York, London and Madrid did. 7/11 will become just another date in the tainted history of terrorist attacks.
I could only think of the strip i am posting below. Look a little deeper and you will see the underlying wisdom.


Trupthi said...

Glad that you found the time to write this, gal. Or rather, that you were shocked enough to post this. I heard this morning that a friend's father was a victim of the blasts. His body was apparently beyond recognition. And he was just a guy; with a wife, two kids, a job. He'd probably read about terrorist attacks before like you and I did this morning. He'd probably felt shock and grief for the hundreds who lost their lives, just like we do now. And last night, he became one of those hundred dead.
I read a review of this book called 'We need to talk about Kevin' in The Hindu yesterday. Kevin is this seemingly normal kid who shot ten of his schoolmates. Why? The author does not pretend to know. Reams are written about man's inherent cruelty, and there is no solution. We're all shades of grey. There is no black or white.
And like you said, yesterday will be just another date in terrorist history, except for the victims' families.

Trupthi said...

Oh and the strip is one of those strikingly simple, yet knock-the-wind-out-of-you pieces of literary gems.

me! said...

hey trupthi, u've done it again! i read that review too and was tryin to get the book online... in fact i wanted to add a link to the review of the book in the post but forgot when i publishing this. i think i will now.

Arvind Saba said...

A good one... but I disagree with the line which mentions that it really doesn't matter about who did it.
Those bastards should be nailed down and shot at point blank range. And I am wondering how many politicians and our own Indian citizens were responsible in going hand in glove with this incident...
To be honest, I am in no mood to write at all.. I am totally devastated and disgusted about this whole 'making a point' perception of those @#$%ing terrorists.

Trupthi said...

oh! that's freaky! we seem to be reading the same things :) and if you find that book, do lemme know.

me! said...

to saba: i sy it doesnt matter becoz u shoot one down, it spawns ten more. besides even if u identify who did it, it will be so long before they are caught that the hideousness of the crime would have faded in the wake of other such events taking place... history bears evidence to this.


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