Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Third Summer

This past weekend I moved to Florida to begin work with a company on a short-term basis. While the move proved more difficult that I had expected – more on that soon – I was struck by just how different the weather here is compared to any of the places I’ve lived at in this country. After a dry, hot start-of-summer at the Ville and a hot-by-day-cool-by-night summer at southern California, the heat and humidity and thunder storm filled weather of Ft Lauderdale is quite a change… and quite reminiscent of Madras.

The move here itself was very last minute – due completely to my own denial that the vacation with the sister had to end! – and therefore not as smooth as I would have liked. My achievement for the week would probably be successfully navigating from my hotel to the office without the GPS and without getting lost! Work, on the other hand, is pretty fast paced and energizing, which is great! I have been on the job for three days now and I am already staffed on an engagement and have deliverables due pretty soon! Work hours are long, compared to any of the places I have worked at before, and I am still trying to squelch the temptation to pack up at 6pm!

Personally though, the move has been challenging. For the first time, I am struck by how much I have relied on my social network and support systems in the past. I am not all alone here – MV, a fellow Section D’er, and her fiance – live/work in Miami and have been a phenomenal source of help and support, especially in the first couple of days after I landed here. But I miss my sister and miss eating healthy home cooked meals. But maybe I should use the time back on the east coast to do a spot of travelling… definitely something to work on.

(obligatory iPhone picture for this post coming soon - how about a thunderstorm?)


Adi said...

I want a Patel Shot!!

'Smee! said...

Dude! Really? When? I should call, I know :(

Hope you're enjoying the job :)

JulyDream said...

It's amazing how a new place can change your view. I still have yet to meet non-work friends after 2 months in Louisville... I'm working on it! Best wishes for your new job! :)

Redford said...

Sounds a lot like Durban, South Africa - which is completely unexpected, I didn't think Florida was like that at all. I myself left South Africa for a business school london to do my MBA. I'm still there and working now. I can sympathise with the shock of moving somewhere completley new and not as prepared for it ad you would like to be. Nevertheless I do enjoy the excitment and adventure of sudden change. All the best for the new job.


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