Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Day of Class

Today was my last day of classes at Darden. My brain refuses to process that the madness is over – no more three cases a night, excel models, hanging out in the LT rooms trying to hammer out a model worthy of a cold call. The ride’s been hard but boy has it been good! This experience comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a complete outside-the-comfort-zone experience in business school.

There will be room for reflections and wrap-ups later. I am on my way to the last Cold Call (social) of the year to be followed by the final deliverable of the Leadership and Ethics Through Theater class, which is a play they are staging this evening at Abbott Auditorium.

I couldn’t bring myself not to have this video from the Follies last week (by my classmate Shepro) on my blog. It was a great way to wrap up Follies and had many students in tears. Since then we’ve all watched that video on YouTube multiple times; today, as farewell to students in my General Managers Taking Action class, our professors played this video for us (and then took the whole class out to lunch at The Tavern!).


'Smee! said...

Awww sweetie I feel so close to Darden even though I've never set foot in that country thanks to this blog. I know I've critiqued and criticezed more often than I've applauded but I still come back to read it cos I love hearing about your life there.

I've watched the follies video thrice myself so I can imagine how you must feel! Take care and don't worry. You know you've had a long hard wait before finally landing exactly what you wanted and I'm sure that will happen now as well.

Miss ya!

MechaniGal said...

Thanks lady - your appreciation (and readership) means much to me. I wouldn't be here if not for your excellent critique-ing skills with my Darden essays, not to mention your good thoughts and support through the application days :)Much love!


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