Tuesday, February 02, 2010

MBAs and the Movie-world

Today I sent an email to the South Asian Society here informing them about a course being taught at the main UVA grounds on Fact, Fiction and Film in India’s History, which took the form of a movie screening each week followed by a discussion on the movie in the context of the course. It seemed like an interesting way to study history and the part movies have played in the interpretation of historical events in the country.

This evening, Darden’s YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring a classmate of ours who worked in the movies industry before school. Ed (who is also from Section D - that's important... and relevant) saw an opportunity in the Cannes Film Festival for students like him, who were interested how the industry (and in his case, the independent films industry) worked. He organized a trip to Canne as part of a course and even interned on location, getting an insider’s perspective on the workings of the industry.

I thought this was important enough to write about because before I came here, I didn’t imagine the movies as a place an MBA would go to. My preconceived notion of the industry is that it is a place for the creative, and not necessarily the spreadsheet jocks. If I sat and thought about it long enough – and it’s fairly apparent from the fact that I am writing this post that I did – I find it fascinating how you can marry the shrewd business and strategic thinking with that of creativity and storytelling.

... some food for thought.


Anonymous said...

NYU MBAs go to CAnnes every year.

Arun said...
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MechaniGal said...
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MechaniGal said...

@Anonymoous: True, but we’re now the only MBA program that guarantees full festival accreditation for our students for the full two weeks. Others certainly have a presence there, but our program (to my knowledge!) is longer and guarantees more access to festival goings-on than anyone!

Arun said...

Im have a theatre troupe and its full of MBA guys from premiere institutes in India. They'd help you chew on that thought of yours. I have also noticed that my MBA friends are way more creative than the non MBA friends i have...i guess it has something to do with the selection process....they have willingly or unwittingly figured out how to filter out the creative types to pursue an MBA.

Awesome blog! :D


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