Sunday, March 22, 2009

Q4 and missing Crystal Ball

We’ve just wrapped up week 1 of Q4 – just 7 weeks and we’re officially done with first year. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

In an atypical move for me, I’ve gone and taken a whole bunch of non-spreadsheet electives – at least I think they’re that way! I really wanted to do Valuations and Data Analysis, especially after how much I enjoyed Finance last quarter. But I decided to forego those two for this quarter (they are offered once more in second year) and opted for subjects that I thought would free up more time to invest in job search. So I currently have an interesting subject called the Consulting Process – we’re doing cases that were done by consulting firms and we even have a partner from Bain coming in to talk to us about a case they did that we’re studying about; I also have Marketing Intelligence – I am excited about this module they have on marketing through social network media; and I have Strategic Communication – which is all about communication of your corporate identity through means other than messaging –which includes communicating through your annual report!

These are electives and we have two common classes too – our first course on Ethics and our second course on Leadership. Both classes are super interesting, in that they seek to spark debates in the class about leadership and ethical issues, to bring out the grey nature of a lot of managerial decisions and actions.

So that brings me to the title of this post. I miss being busy. This sudden change of scenery is scary. My early week classes are regular 8AM classes while my late week classes begin only at 10AM. This week I woke up at 8AM for my late week classes. And I feel terrible about it! I feel like I’m wasting my life by not being busy. And the reason I freed myself up was to do job search. But even then I have time on my hands and it’s driving me crazy! I’m thinking of taking up reading or painting again, but I am too restless to do it. I hunted around all of today – the last day we can change our courses – for either Econ or Data Analysis to free up so that I could drop one of my subjects for something that would get me out of bed in a panic at least 2 days a week. But it seems like no one wants to let those go. I’m not even looking for Valuations – Yiorgos is one of the best professors Darden has and I can’t think of anyone who’d want to drop his class!

The weather in the ville is getting better – it seems to me that people have returned from Spring Break very refreshed, with a new and positive attitude. Almost 50% of my class is still without internship but we’re plodding away, getting creative with the search, tapping our resources. I worry about what I will do if I don’t get anything for the summer, but I am sleeping better these days that I have done in the last four months… I've got hope.


Metal said...

I think the numbers in most B schools are close to 40%, I guess the Non profit and Government sectors will benefit immensely from the deluge of internship seeking B school students.

JulyDream said...

Quite entertaining. I managed to stack my schedule against me and find that these days, I just go to bed later because I start cases later, but I'm getting up at the same darn time. Oh well. I'm get the hang of it be week six..just in time for it not to matter anymore. :)

amygdala said...

Ah, hope for you while no hope in hell for me, or so it seems :(
By the way,add my new blog to your sidebar as well.

MechaniGal said...

@Metal: The numbers are bad in a number of bschools and in my saner moments I take solace in the fact that some ppl are better off at my school. But I'm human after all, so I can't really appreciate it until my own luck changes.
@JulyDream: It seems to be the case with nearly all of us - I don't know where my day goes and it isn't until after 6p that I pull out my folder with the cases. And don't even get me started on motivation wrt getting to classes...
@amygdala: Hang in there, sis! I'm praying for you (there's a long queue up there).


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