Friday, February 27, 2009

End of Q3, Start of Spring

This week saw the wrap up of Q3 of the first year. The quarter flew by faster than anyone expected and I guess before I know it, summer break will be here too but let’s not go there.

Once we got over the initial bewilderment of new sections and new faces, this quarter proved to be great fun. I learnt a ton, and actually started falling in love with a few subjects that I was absolutely petrified of earlier. Finance this quarter was great fun and I can’t wait for second year when I will hopefully get to take the Valuations elective – I envy the folks that are taking that elective next quarter because the professor is one of the best in Darden. Another subject that I kind of got my head around was DA – something I’d struggled with in Q1. Econ for this quarter was extremely informative and I wish I could have taken the elective next quarter but that’s choc full. All in all, we had a great couple of months and with finals next week, I only hope I will do justice to all that I learnt. We wrapped up classes with the social reps organizing lunch after the last class yesterday. And another great way to wrap up the quarter was the election of LP, my Section D and Section V superstar, as the DSA President and K-Mart as DSA VP and special congratulations to fellow blogger Jackie for NAWMBA President.

This quarter is also the last one where learning teams will meet. Next quarter onwards, because of electives, most learning teams choose not to meet. My own team chose not to meet this quarter, but we kept the support going for the most part through emails and exchanges of information. A couple of team based simulation exercises brought us together a few times this quarter and each time it’s been a ton of fun. Most LTs had LT corridor parties – all the teams in a particular corridor had beer + snacks parties. Tonight my team is
meeting for dinner at a new Thai place at Barracks and I am really looking forward to catching up with the gang.

With the end of this quarter I guess it’s also the end of winter in some ways – it’s 6pm and there’s still light out. With the fantastic weather we’ve been having over the last couple of days, I’m feeling strangely relaxed. I’m just hoping it doesn’t lead to complacence because there’s a lot of cramming I need to do over this weekend.

Same time next week I’ll be done with finals and packing up to go to Brazil on my GBE. I’m SO excited!!


Ashwin said...

Hey, you should've gotten your exams preponed. Then you could've been in Brazil for the Carnaval.

And what does the GBE stand for?

Have loads and loads of Brazilian fun!

MechaniGal said...

I wrote my post in a hurry because I had to come home and get ready for dinner. I'm going to put in hyperlinks to explain stuff. But meanwhile, GBE = Global Business Program. It's a course we can take (meaning it has credits) where we go to a country during spring break and take classes in a partner bschool there and basically study how business is done there or some other part of their economy that's unique. For instance, there's one grp going to Sweden to study how the govt's done sustainability. Another grp's going to Barcelona to study strategy through architectural design. More details on the pages I hyperlink to.
And no, I don't quite buy the Carnival idea so I'm more than happy to have missed it - I'm not a big fan of nudity although I do like the body painting thing as an art form...


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