Friday, January 16, 2009

The 4Ps of an internship search

Take one super awesome SY, and four hungry and tired FYs. Put them in a hallway in school. Get them talking about consulting firms. Amidst a lot of back slapping, high-fiveing and PJs, here’s what you get!

Second year SN (“What do you want to do?”) and first years AK, AS, RJ and yours truly present:

The 4 Ps of a consulting internship search:

Project / Position – The position or role you want to go for. Corporate strategy vs Supply Chain Strategy. Business Technology Consulting vs S&O consulting. Healthcare consulting vs energy consulting. List is endless.
Place – Everyone wants to go to New York. But there are other offices. Most websites have an interactive map that lights up your location when you click on it. Pretty cute stuff. So yeah, there’s life outside of New York.
People – The “fit” factor (no it doesn’t end with business school applications). The culture. The work-life balance. Over rated in a down economy but we’re going to leave it there for the sake of the 4Ps.
Payment – The salary. You want a good salary and you look at that right from now since you have the long term in mind (translated – if they offer you a full time position). Period. If you need more explanation, maybe you want to look at non-profit work.


Anonymous said...

Do these 4 Ps work?

MechaniGal said...

@Anon: Not in this economy.


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