Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On why being idle does not agree with me

So I’m sick. It's not because I’m missing home. I’m not missing warm sunny India either. I’m not missing my mom’s cooking – ok ,THAT I am missing terribly! I do not want to eat one more day of my own cooking!

I am sick because I miss having work. I miss having to race against time to make it to my 8AM class in classroom 180 with all the awesome section D ppl! I miss my learning team. And I am sick of the fact that it gets dark at 5pm and I don’t have a watch on and I am all disoriented about what time it is. And I am also a little sick of the fact that a whole bunch of my friends have gone home or on job treks for the hols and so I miss them – I miss going to the coffee place and wasting away over a cup of cappuccino.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have an internship yet and due to the down economy the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is kind of fading out too. I have tons of work to do – like reaching out to companies and case prep for the interviews. I have apartment moving work to do too – yes I’m stupid enough to move apartments in the middle of the school year. And I should be booking tickets and accommodation for my trip to Seattle early next year. But instead of checking these (and whole host of other things) off my list of to-dos, I am choosing to waste away the time doing I-don’t-know-what. I so hope my mother is not reading this right now.

This is the time I was counting down to since the beginning of the second quarter. I had a ton of plans including hitting the gym (day 4 and counting and all I’ve done towards losing a few pounds is play an evening of tennis) and now that the time is finally here I am unable to shake off that feeling of general laziness and get out of the brain-dead mode.

I am going to try to get up at 6AM tomorrow – maybe all I’m missing is the boot camp rigor. It seems like a good time to check how much self-organization I’ve learnt in this one semester of Darden. I am hoping to have mastered it by the time graduation rolls by so I hope I am at least better than I was before I came here.

I’ll sign off now. Back to my… er… back to doing nothing.


Anand said...

Enjoy the free time cos Janurary is gonna be hectic. Its good to nothing once in while. I am home in Bangalore for vacation :) and I'm enjoying my 6-8 hours of TV and video games everyday!

Sania said...

Sukanya, you're crazy. Don't you dare wake up at 6 a.m.! (This coming from an avowed sleep-in guru).

Sometimes, it's just good to slow down. Me, I've been catching up on an entire season of Gossip Girl. Highly recommended!

MechaniGal said...

Thanks for that sagely bit of advice Anand, but those few days of oversleeping costed me heavily - I feel quite behind on my case prep and I just might be hitting the panic button on that... Plus sleeping too much has given me nightmares - literally - about not making a single closed list, which pretty much consumes my daily day dream. What's that they say about idle minds and devil's workshops?
But it's nice to hear you're having fun there - some days I really miss India and the luxuries of being in a place where everything's so familiar that you don't even need to think!

MechaniGal said...

Sania, thanks. I caught myself just in time and the earliest I managed to wake up is 8AM!
Gossip Girl huh? Nice! I've been watching cheezy comedy movies and some Bollywood ones too - I watched DDLJ for the (n+1)th time!

Jackie said...

LOL. You are hilarious, my dear.
The only reason I'm not laughing harder is because...I can relate. I, typically, don't feel comfortable "doing nothing". But, after two quarters at Darden, I've actually enjoyed (for the first time in life, really) doing nothing for the past week. :) Can't say I missed getting up for 8am classes. Nope...can't say I did. But, I am indeed ready to be productive again. So, that sentiment I do understand. :) Great (and honest) post.

josna said...
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