Sunday, November 30, 2008

The darkest week of Black November...

… is the first week of December. The week that officially begins tomorrow (but unofficially began this morning) is brutal to say the least. A zillion cover letters to write for deadlines that begin tomorrow and culminate in double digit number of resume drops for Friday and some recruiting event or the other for every day of this week. Oh and in case it’s not obvious, we still have to get through 3 cases a day!

In my previous post I’d written about having to churn out cover letters over this break. It’s with more than a touch of regret that I admit that I have not even done half the cover letters I had planned to get done. I’d also planned a spot of studying to get up to speed on some coursework that flew way above my head during classes (no prizes for guessing which classes those were), but of course between waking up well after normal waking hours and going to get coffee from Starbucks, I did not get any of that done. I suppose my to-do list is unchecked partly because of being glued to the television for 2 days in a row with the Mumbai drama.

Finally, a bunch of my classmates are back or on the way back to the Ville. This break was a welcome one and I guess I’m not the only one who’s counting down to the start of winter break. Meanwhile a handful of people who wrote too many cover letters have started cracking bad jokes on Facebook – a sure sign that they’ve worked too hard (finger pointed at AS here).

Facebook reminds me: you know, I never thought I’d be eligible to apply for a job at Facebook! Hell, being able to do a web conference with Google makes coming all the way to Darden totally worth it (it really is every past/present/future techie's dream come true!). Isn’t it cool how many new doors business school opens up for you?


Surya said...

I passed by ur blog on one of my random walks. Mumbai was horrific indeed and our government's lack of preparation in dealing with such an event, even more so.

Irene said...

Sorry Sukanya I've been missing in action ad a blogger! it's partly because of Black November, black first week of December, which is, as you say, way darker, and for me London trek and San Francisco recruiting event 36-hrs back a forth. Now I guess I should be studying accounting, but I think I left my head somewhere a few timezones from here...


MechaniGal said...

Totally understandable! You've been quite the jet-setting banker these past few weeks :)
Tomorrow is GEM though, not ACC (I'm sure you know that though...)... I'm glad that I'm not the only one surfing the net instead of cramming for the finals - I'm so restless from sitting on this chair all day :|
Good luck for the finals - this too shall pass; 5 days before we can get drunk like a bunch of undergrads :)


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