Monday, December 17, 2007

Bench revisited

Just because I'm from IT, it doesn't mean I am going to talk about that eagerly anticipated period in one's career in IT, the time when you are not required to clock more than six hours a day and your responsibilities involve ensuring that every chain mail or forward that you receive in your email inbox is religiously forwarded out to countless other people. So no, this is not about that.

This is about a tradition from training days at "The Campus" where the gang used to sit on these wooden benches under the trees near the hostels. They were also smoking zones, so it suited most members fine. It was shady, and there was just enough room for the entire junta to sit and talk crap for hours. Real crap. Stuff ranging from Rajnikanth's so called greatness to brands of underwear ( I swear only some members of the gang participated in that last one).

After training, I moved to a different city on transfer and the benches here were smoking zones only. Which meant that if you went there, you had to have a cigarrette... Actually you'd be lucky just to find a place to sit! So recently, I had the opportunity to "put bench" again, here in Bangalore. Even the weather was like training times - a nip in the breeze that was blowing through the sprawling campus, enough to keep my jacket zipped all the way to the chin. What was different was that this time it was just two of us. And a bag of soggy MacDs and more soggy french fries! We discussed stuff again, not crap this time of course.

I was reminded of how much our lives have changed, some for the better and some that are so different from earlier times, younger days. Now, there was too much to discuss and none of it was crap. I felt a little sad about that. But it's ok. I like to think that the crap belongs to days gone by. The here and the now are the most important, especially for both of us who were there at the bench next to the Terminal. I can see that we're all on separate tracks now... some converge some diverge but all essentially remain unique.

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