Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I finally gave in to the temptation and decided to start my own blog. I guess it was also on popular demand, and not just peer pressure. But the only factor that made me take the giant leap, so to speak, was that it would be another channel to express myself… in the hope that some one, jobless enough, would read it… guess I wasn’t aiming too high, I mean, afterall, you are reading it right now…
As is the done thing in all blogs, at least in the ones I have seen so far, there usually is an introductory blog of sorts.. I figured why break the tradition, so here it is: the introductory piece of my blog. There is just one problem here. What do I write here? How do I introduce this? Read my blog, its my way of practicing my English? Or, read my blog, it’s my opinion of anything and everything? I cannot commit to anything. Simply because I wont keep that commitment. I cannot promise entertainment. Nor any form of profundity. I cannot promise that you, the reader, will gain anything useful out of the time you will spend reading this blog.
This blog is just my opinion, my view on the things that occupy space in my head. It is based on my experiences or of those around me. This blog is like a window that offers a small peek into my world, my thoughts.

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